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Windows Vista management tutorial

Managing Windows Vista systems comes with several challenging issues. With our Vista management tutorial, you'll learn how to ease the pain caused by some common Vista issues.

Windows Vista, Microsoft's newest desktop operating system, was heralded as an OS that would, above all else, bring improved security to many IT organizations. A lot of companies would tell you that it has achieved this objective, but many others would tell you that management and compatibility have proven troublesome in the new OS as a result of Vista's security features. In our Vista management tutorial, learn how to relieve some of the more common headaches associated with Vista deployments with tips on networking with Vista, application compatibility, deployment and more.

Windows Vista management tutorial
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  ↓ Windows Vista networking Table of Contents   

Group Policy in Windows Vista
Telecommuting has become common practice these days, which means that your employees often need to access files on home machines or other remote devices in order to perform certain tasks. Learn how using Group Policy in Vista can help you grant permissions to your users so they can access these remote files.

Install a VPN on Windows Vista
Have incompatibilities with the Vista operating system ever prevented you from setting up a VPN in your organization? If so, you're not alone.

Problems with Vista Group Policy
User Account Control (UAC) was one of Vista's most heralded security features prior to its launch, but there are times when UAC's prompts can become a hindrance. In this example, find out what to do when UAC prevents you from managing certain user rights.

Set up a VPN with Vista Ultimate 64 bit
Do you need assistance setting up a VPN using Vista's network setup? Learn how to set up a VPN properly and generate a log of VPN connection issues here.

Mapping users to home folders with Vista Business client
Is there a way to map to a user's home folder using Vista Business client with service pack one? Find out here.

  ↓ Compatibility issues in Vista Table of Contents   

Does Vista block email?
Could Vista be responsible for an entire office not receiving email messages? If you run an environment with ISA Server and Windows 2000 Server, check out this post to find out where to find the latest Vista-compatible ISA client.

XP and Vista compatibility issues
Given all of the compatibility complaints that have been voiced about Vista since its release, it's no wonder that several people have wondered how to roll back their Vista deployments and run XP software again.
For more on this topic, check out our tip, Install Windows XP on a Vista-ready machine.

Learn how to perform remote scans from a Windows Server 2003 machine
Get the status of security updates when you are remote scanning for a Windows Server 2003 machine to a Vista client.

  ↓ Vista management Table of Contents   

Change files FAT32 to NTFS in Vista
Is it possible to change files from FAT32 (File Allocation Table) to NTFS (New Technology File System) in Windows Vista without having it affect my files and folders? Find out here.

Cloning a Windows Vista machine
Ever wondered what the best, most cost-efficient way to clone a Vista machine onto several additional machines is? Would you copy hard drives by hooking up one drive to a second IDE controller and use Ghost? Should you create a bootable image and put it on a USB disk? Find the answer here.

Take your pick, Windows Vista or Windows 7
Are you happy with your current Vista deployment and improved security features, or do hardware incompatibilities have you begging Microsoft to move up Windows 7's release date? Share your opinion on these two operating systems.


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