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Windows Vista tips and expert responses

With the recent releases of Windows Vista and IE7, as well as the future release of Longhorn, the eyes of the security world have been focused squarely on Microsoft. Read up on the security issues of these three MS releases with this collection of tips and expert advice.

Windows Vista has received a lot of attention, with Microsoft claiming it's the most secure operating system to date. The security experts of have broken down the elements of Vista, discussing topics such as the blue pill vulnerability, features unique to the OS and hacking Vista to test security. This list also includes information about IE7.

Windows Vista

Windows Vista: Encrypting File System redesigned
By Brien M. Posey, MCSE
While Encrypting File System, a part of Windows XP, isn't a new idea, it has been greatly improved for Vista users. Microsoft MVP Brien Posey gives a rundown of its new features, as well as a comparative to another encryption feature -- BitLocker.

NTFS and the Registry in Vista packaged up
By Mark Minasi
The Registry and NTFS functions in Windows Vista are now packaged up, or transaction based, and transaction failure is no longer a problem. See an example of this new feature in this book excerpt by Mark Minasi.

BOOT.INI is gone, BCD is here
By Mark Minasi
There's a little surprise waiting for you in Windows Vista: The boot options are different from those in previous versions of Windows. Learn more about the new boot tool called BCD.

Windows Vista: Inside User Account Control
By Serdar Yegulalp
User Account Control (UAC) is one of Windows Vista's new security features. Security expert Serdar Yegulalp shares his experiences -- the good ones and the bad -- working with UAC.

Remote Desktop gets a bit more secure
By Mark Minasi
Windows Vista adds another level of security to its Remote Desktop feature, hoping to make an admin's life a bit easier. Read all about it in this excerpt from chapter one of Mark Minasi's book, Administering Windows Vista Security: The Big Surprises.

Windows Vista: Inside the new security features editors
Windows Vista has a number of new security features, but how familiar are you with them and will they benefit you? Check out our tips on features like BitLocker and the Security Center, written by impartial industry experts, helping you to have a better sense as to whether you can benefit from this new operating system's options.

Configure Windows Firewall to support outbound packet filtering
By Brien M. Posey
Did you know that Microsoft disabled outbound packet filtering by default in Windows Vista Firewall? And you can't fix that in the Security Center, either. This tip shows you how to access and change that and other advanced features in the firewall.

Windows Vista: Inside the security center
By Brien M. Posey
Learn about Vista's Security Center in this first installment in our series on getting to know the newest Windows operating system.

Vista tested: Expert shares results
By Kevin Beaver
Kevin Beaver shares the results of his Vista hacking test. This is the second part of a two-part series on hacking into Windows Vista.

Windows Live OneCare 1.5: How does it compare?
By Serdar Yegulalp
Security expert Serdar Yegulalp takes an inside look at Windows Live OneCare 1.5's features and outlines the differences between it and its competitors.

Hack into Windows Vista to test security features
By Kevin Beaver
How can you find out hands-on if Vista is as secure as it can possibly be? Hack into it, of course. Security expert Kevin Beaver shows you how.

Does Vista mean the end of malware?
By Serdar Yegulalp
Microsoft Windows Vista could be the superhero you've been waiting for, possibly putting an end to malware as we know it, according to security expert Serdar Yegulalp. This tip explains why this may be the case, thanks to new features like UAC and Windows Defender.

Questions about the use of BitLocker
By Serdar Yegulalp
Security expert Serdar Yegulalp discusses some myths and concerns regarding the use of BitLocker with Windows Vista.

End-to-end encryption for Windows Vista systems: BitLocker
By Serdar Yegulalp
Could BitLocker be the answer to your encryption prayers? Serdar Yegulalp explains how you can encrypt your Windows Vista system using BitLocker in one of these four ways: transparent, USB key, combined or user authentication.

Debunking the 'Blue Pill' vulnerability theory
By Serdar Yegulalp
In the weeks since Black Hat, the "Blue Pill" vulnerability demonstration continues to raise concerns about the security of Windows Vista. But is this something Windows admins should be alarmed about? Jonathan Hassell lays out the facts about the exploit, explains who should and should not care, and why.

Anatomy of the Blue Pill attack
By Kevin Beaver
Much ado was made of the demonstration of the Blue Pill attack on Windows Vista at Black Hat this year. Security expert Kevin Beaver analyzes the exploit. Find out how the attack worked and whether or not you should care about it.                                     

Internet Explorer 7

Internet Explorer 7: Troubleshooting tips
By Jonathan Hassell
Can't seem to find what's causing Internet Explorer 7 to misbehave? Troubleshoot the browser with these helpful tips.

Tips on hardening and securing IE7
By Jonathan Hassell
Jonathan Hassell gives his recommendations on how you can make IE7's new features secure and hardened for your everyday needs.

A step-by-step guide to configuring IE7 security in Vista
By Brien M. Posey
Trying to find out what's so special about IE7? Read up on the new security features present in IE7, and learn which of these features are user configurable.

Run a secure IE6 after downgrading from IE7
By Jonathan Hassell
Windows hardening expert Jonathan Hassell explains the basics on running a secure Internet Explorer after downgrading from its most recent release.

Internet Explorer 7: How it can make your life easier
By Brien M. Posey
Internet Explorer 7 is still in beta, but knowing and using the new security features in IE 7 can make any security administrator's life easier. Contributor and Microsoft MVP Brien Posey highlights some of the features that should be ready for prime time soon and others that will surface when Vista does.                                                

Longhorn server

Longhorn Server preview: Important new features
By Brien M. Posey
Read up on some of the new features of Longhorn Server, including BitLocker support, role-based security, server core and network access protection.

Microsoft Longhorn Server Core: Security implications
By Jonathan Hassell
Microsoft's Longhorn Server Core edition will allow you to build a custom server from the ground up, using only the capabilities that you absolutely need. Read about the security implications of this new modular architecture in this tip from Jonathan Hassell.

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