Windows 10 security and management

  • Using port scanning tools to test network security

    A proper tool belt is necessary for the security of your Windows network. In this excerpt from Hacking for Dummies, read about some port scanning tools that will allow you to get the information you need to run a secure network.  Continue Reading

  • How to generate actions from events in Microsoft Vista

    Microsoft has improved the eventtriggers.exe command-line tool, which now allows you to attach a task to pre-determined events. This tip explains how to use this action.  Continue Reading

  • Microsoft security utility downloads

    Download popular Microsoft Windows security utility tools here, including Netcat, John the Ripper, Nmap and WSUS.  Continue Reading

  • The hacker's toolbox

    Hackers attack your network with a variety of tools. Well, it's time to even the score. By using the tools they already have, you can test your network and find your most dangerous vulnerabilities before they do. Find out what they are using in this...  Continue Reading

  • Malware Glossary

    Malware is everywhere these days. In every email or IM and around every corner of the Internet is a new type of virus, worm or vulnerability, and you need to know exactly what you're up against. With this malware glossary, you can get up to speed on...  Continue Reading

  • Local firewalls

    A local firewall on a client computer is a necessary burden for administrators. Most attacks come from within networks, so corporate firewalls are not the perfect stand alone defense. This excerpt from The Definitive Guide to Securing Windows in ...  Continue Reading