Windows legacy operating systems

  • Microsoft Windows Vista: Security feature reviews

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    Have a look inside Windows security guru Mark Minasi's latest book, Administering Windows Vista Security: The Big Surprises, with this excerpt from Chapter 1, "Administering Vista Security: The Little Surprises."  Continue Reading

  • NTFS and the Registry in Vista packaged up

    The Registry and NTFS functions in Windows Vista are now packaged up, or transaction based, and transaction failure is no longer a problem. See an example of this new feature in this book excerpt by Mark Minasi.  Continue Reading

  • Installing Windows Vista

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  • Automatic exceptions: IPsec bypass

    In this excerpt from Mark Minasi's book, Mastering Windows Server 2003 Upgrade Edition for SP1 and R2, Mark shares his thoughts on IPsec bypass, a technology in Windows Firewall that requires both your client and their machine to be ...  Continue Reading

  • Microsoft Vista and Office 2007 are here

    With the Nov. 30 launch of Microsoft's Windows Vista and Office 2007, there is a lot that users need to know about the new releases. This page provides information about planning, deployment, administration, hardware and security.  Continue Reading

  • Permitting Ping: ICMP Exceptions

    According to Mark Minasi, "Ping's the most basic troubleshooting tool in many a networker's arsenal, and it's a pain to try to do network troubleshooting in a network that's blocked all pings." In this excerpt from his latest book, Mastering Windows...  Continue Reading

  • When to use (or not use) Windows Firewall

    In this excerpt from Mark Minasi's newest book, Mastering Windows Server 2003 Upgrade Edition for SP1 and R2, he explains when to use (or not to use) Windows Firewall. Should you use WF if you are already using a software firewall or a ...  Continue Reading