• NTFS and the Registry in Vista packaged up

    The Registry and NTFS functions in Windows Vista are now packaged up, or transaction based, and transaction failure is no longer a problem. See an example of this new feature in this book excerpt by Mark Minasi.  Continue Reading

  • Managing Microsoft's Windows Firewall

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  • BOOT.INI is gone, BCD is here

    There's a little surprise waiting for you in Windows Vista: The boot options are different from those in previous versions of Windows. Learn more about the new boot tool called BCD.  Continue Reading

  • Password cracking and hardening

    Cracking passwords is a hot issue for admins who wish to test the security of their networks. Likewise, hardening passwords is critical for those admins who wish to prevent hackers from cracking their passwords. Learn the abc's of password cracking ...  Continue Reading

  • Installing Windows Vista

    Mark Minasi's new book provides a step-by-step explanation of how to install, configure, run, and troubleshoot Windows Vista. Using a focused approach and clear instructions, this book delivers all the information that users need to master the new ...  Continue Reading