• January 24, 2020 24 Jan'20

    Windows 7 sunset gives PC market a boost in 2019

    Does the growth of the PC market in 2019 reflect an increased appetite for the devices? Experts discuss the PC's role in the workplace and the influence of the Windows 7 sunset.

  • January 23, 2020 23 Jan'20

    EG Enterprise v7 focuses on usability, user experience monitoring

    New features in EG Enterprise v7, set to launch soon, enable simulated and real user monitoring, automated diagnosis and new dashboard and visualization features.

  • January 20, 2020 20 Jan'20

    New Ivanti CEO plans to stay close to the customer

    New Ivanti CEO Jim Schaper is no stranger to the C-suite of an IT company. And he's got a plan to push the company forward.

  • January 16, 2020 16 Jan'20

    With support for Windows 7 ending, a look back at the OS

    With support for Windows 7 ending and Microsoft ushering in the end of life for the OS, tech experts and IT pros look back at its legacy of reliability and stability.

  • January 03, 2020 03 Jan'20

    Will Microsoft's Edge start a new browser war?

    Analysts say the new browser fight between Google and Microsoft could be about the future of work, as enterprises increasingly move to web applications.

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    • Eliminating the App Learning Curve for Users Speeds Up Digital Transformation

      Digital transformation changes how business processes are completed, with new apps and services being essential elements in the entire process. Understandably, the focus of many businesses has been on the design, creation, and deployment of these apps. But they are beginning to realize that they cannot afford to ignore perhaps the most important aspect of launching new software: user adoption. Put simply, if workers don’t use the new apps and digital services, nothing has transformed. Costly digital transformations can come to naught. This is not an edge case that most organizations don’t have to worry about. According to a McKinsey study, 70% of digital transformation initiatives fail, with much of the problem resulting from a lack of adoption. See More

    • The Life of the Cloud Architect Part 2: 3 Steps to a Hybrid Multicloud Experience

      Here’s a simple truth for cloud architects of any background, whether developers, line-of-business managers or traditional IT: Nobody wants to—or even can—use yesterday’s practices to build the applications of tomorrow. See More

    • Three Tenets of Security Protection for State and Local Government and Education (SLED)

      Security is the utmost priority for IT decision-makers in state and local government and education. Government agencies, schools and citizens are frequent, highly visible targets for cybercriminals, and their systems contain personal data that is extremely valuable on the Dark Web, such as Social Security numbers. See More

    • Microapps Empower the Modern Workforce

      Digital transformation has rewritten the processes and activities that support the modern organization. Many of these changes have improved the employee experience, but perhaps none so much as the move from monolithic applications to microapps. See More

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  • December 20, 2019 20 Dec'19

    Windows 10 issues continue with Autopilot update

    Microsoft recently rolled out a Windows 10 update to general users that was intended only for Autopilot-configured machines. After past issues, are users comfortable with Windows OS updates?

  • December 19, 2019 19 Dec'19

    Citrix brings Workspace and micro apps to Google Cloud

    Citrix Workspace is now generally available on Google Cloud, including access to micro apps that make it easier for IT to deliver a more streamlined user experience.

  • December 16, 2019 16 Dec'19

    5 end-user computing trends for 2020

    With Windows 7 coming to an end and more businesses developing cloud strategies, 2020 is set to bring end-user computing changes for IT. Here are five trends to watch.

  • December 13, 2019 13 Dec'19

    MS Unveils New Win10 Icon and More

    In a blog post to, CVP Jon Friedman talks about MS unveils new Win10 icon and the general icon redesign effort behind it all. Great stuff!

  • December 09, 2019 09 Dec'19

    China Says No Mo Windows or PCs Starting 2022

    China Says No Mo Windows or PCs Starting 2022, meaning that it won't use non-Chinese software or OSes after that date. Can the Communist Party order up a new OS that fast? We'll see.

  • December 06, 2019 06 Dec'19

    Microsoft extends Office 365 benefit to nonprofit volunteers

    Thursday's announcement extends the company's September offering of 10 free Microsoft 365 Business licenses for nonprofits' employees to their volunteers.

  • December 04, 2019 04 Dec'19

    Windows 10 issues top list of most read stories for IT pros

    IT pros seemed focused on the latest Microsoft OS, based on our most read stories for 2019. That may not come as a surprise, given next month's end-of-life deadline for Windows 7.

  • November 25, 2019 25 Nov'19

    Thanksgiving Break 2019

    I'll be taking this week off from blogging, so I'll wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous long holiday weekend instead. Cheers!

  • November 22, 2019 22 Nov'19

    HP rolls out new remote workstation product ZCentral

    Key components of ZCentral include Z by HP rack-mounted workstations, ZCentral Remote Boost software and proprietary ZCentral Connect software to speed up high-compute workflows.

  • November 13, 2019 13 Nov'19

    Jamf Protect offers visibility, protection for macOS admins

    Jamf Protect, the new endpoint security software announced at JNUC 2019, provides organizations with a native macOS tool that takes a kernel-less approach to macOS security.