Microsoft Windows 7 operating system

  • February 25, 2011 25 Feb'11

    Post SP1 Install Clean-up for Win7 Needed?

    In seeking grist for the blog mill this morning, I noticed Ed Bott's latest ZDNet blog post "Microsoft notes Windows Update 'inconsistencies,' provides fix." He reports therein that he's monitoring ...

  • February 24, 2011 24 Feb'11

    When VDI won't do: Tools to ease migrations from XP to Windows 7

    Few companies that upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 will use VDI -- including a division of Citrix Systems. They may use one of these tools instead.

  • February 17, 2011 17 Feb'11

    Windows 7 SP1 Is Here

    The Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 downloads have hit TechNet Anybody who's ever spent any time on MSDN will immediately recognize the look and feel, if not the actual content for the ...

  • February 09, 2011 09 Feb'11

    Win7/Server 2008 R2 SP1 Inches Closer to Release

    OK, so now we've got some dates for the upcoming release of SP1 for the combined Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 code base: OEMs have already had it for a week or more MSDN and TechNet will ...

  • February 09, 2011 09 Feb'11

    Windows 7 SP1 brings maturity, but not much else

    With the release of new service packs for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, older versions of Windows move closer to their sunset.

  • February 07, 2011 07 Feb'11

    Ed Bott Strikes Gold with 3-Part "Windows 7 and SSDs" series

    I'm a long time fan of Ed Bott's work with Windows 7, and frequently draw from his blog for mine. Recently, he's put together a three-part series on Windows 7 and SSDs that includes some very ...

  • January 28, 2011 28 Jan'11

    Windows 7 Tally Tops 300 Million Units Sold

    While it's not anywhere near on par with MacDonald's just yet, Microsoft can now claim "more than 300 million copies of Windows 7 sold" since its general availability (GA) date on October 22, 2009. ...

  • January 19, 2011 19 Jan'11

    Paul Thurrot on Win7 SP1: "Minor Changes"

    Paul Thurrott's January 14, 2011, article "Sneak Peek: A Quick Look at Windows 7 Service Pack 1" confirms what Microsoft has been telling us all along — namely, no big or dramatic changes, ...

  • January 14, 2011 14 Jan'11

    Rumors of Windows 7, Server 2008 R2 SP1 Point to Imminent Release

    I always love seeing images like this one (attributed to Alex Kibkalo in this blog from Matthew Jones entitled "Rumour: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 to be released to OEMs tomorrow") when rumors of ...

  • January 07, 2011 07 Jan'11

    Windows 7 Crosses 20 Percent Share Line

    Reports are popping up all over the Web that Windows 7 broke the 20 percent market share barrier last month, according to figures released by Internet tracking firm NetApplications over the New ...

  • December 29, 2010 29 Dec'10

    More Details on Windows 7 Troubleshooters

    In researching a vexing IE problem on one of my Windows 7 desktops, I stumbled across a treasure trove of troubleshooting tools that are readily available to all Windows 7 users and admins. I had ...

  • December 29, 2010 29 Dec'10

    Is the Windows 7 Tablet Frenzy Justified?

    Wow! I just scanned through the Windows 7 news reports on Google, and found myself inundated with information, plans, and announcements related to Windows 7 on tablet PCs. Topics covered under this ...

  • December 17, 2010 17 Dec'10

    Patch Tuesday Follow-up

    OK, now I've been through the update cycle on all of my Windows 7 PC (all 8 of them), and have seen anywhere from 11 to 15 updates ger processed on each one (another item for Silverlight popped up ...

  • October 22, 2010 22 Oct'10

    Windows 7 Birthday Presents...For You!

    In my blog yesterday ("Happy First Birthday Windows 7") I observed the one-year anniversary of Windows 7's General Availability release. This morning, I'm starting to see evidence that some vendors ...

  • October 22, 2010 22 Oct'10

    Happy First Birthday, Windows 7

    Today it's been exactly one year since Windows 7 was released to the general public — what Microsoft calls "General Availability" or GA. It's been a busy hectic year for the latest Windows OS, and ...