• October 01, 2012 01 Oct'12

    Closing Store Apps in Win8 Manually

    Although Windows 8 does a pretty good job of managing memory, and will close open Store Apps (using TIFKAM, or "The Interface Formerly Known As Metro") when memory starts to get in short supply, ...

  • September 26, 2012 26 Sep'12

    Intel CEO sez "Windows 8 being released before it's fully ready" Huh?

    The trade press wires are buzzing with news from an unnamed source at Intel who attended a company event in Taiwan this week (see this Bloomberg story for representative reporting) that attributes ...

  • September 25, 2012 25 Sep'12

    'Radical change' in Windows 8 user interface could require training

    The new Windows 8 user interface is so different that IT might have to spend significant time and money on training to get employees up to speed.

  • September 25, 2012 25 Sep'12

    Desktop security software gets proactive with application sandboxing

    Application sandboxing is nothing new, but experts say Bromium's hardware-based approach offers a novel twist on desktop security software.

  • September 24, 2012 24 Sep'12

    New Microsoft Office 365 pricing pushes small businesses to the cloud

    A new small business premium service features a Microsoft Office 365 pricing model designed to push more customers to the cloud.

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  • September 24, 2012 24 Sep'12

    InformationWeek Windows 8 Business Survey Shows Workplace Plans Still Shaping Up

    Today InformationWeek began reporting on the results of its latest Windows 8 Survey which,  according to Kurt Marko's blog "Windows 8 Makes Strides in Mobility" polled "...859 business technology ...

  • September 21, 2012 21 Sep'12

    MS Introduces New "Comfort Sculpt" Keyboard for Win8

    Along with its new Windows 8 OS, MS has been introducing various new items of hardware to help users make best (or at least, better) use of this new runtime environment. In past months we've seen a ...

  • September 19, 2012 19 Sep'12

    Microsoft's Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) Offers Fix for IE Zero-day Issues

    The old saying goes "You learn something new every day." Yesterday, Ed Bott and others helped me to learn about the Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (aka EMET). This free download ...

  • September 17, 2012 17 Sep'12

    SATA II ICH10R vs. SATA III Marvel 9128 Controllers

    Last week, after upgrading my 119 GB (actual) SATA II OCZ Vertex-2 SSD to a 167 GB (actual) SATA III Intel 520 SSD, I quickly realized that the SATA III Marvell 9128 controller on my Asus P6X58D-E ...

  • September 14, 2012 14 Sep'12

    Interesting Wrinkles with Intel SSDs Weasel Out of the Woodwork

    Last week I wrote a blog post entitled "One small change to my PC, one giant PITA to implement," wherein I recounted the issues and frustrations involved in what I thought would be a quick and ...

  • September 12, 2012 12 Sep'12

    Microsoft Rethinks Timing of Planned Flash Update for Windows 8/IE 10

    Last week, as is my usual wont, I fired up Secunia PSI (Personal Software Inspector) for all of my machines. In a discovery that caused no excitement whatsoever when I first ran the utility, I got ...

  • September 11, 2012 11 Sep'12

    Will Windows 8 downgrade rights cure IT's paranoia?

    Windows 8 downgrade rights will let IT revert to Windows 7 on new PCs. They may get some buyers off the fence, but others don't see the point.

  • September 10, 2012 10 Sep'12

    Start8 Comes Back to Match Classic Shell

    I'm not one to believe that my blog has any kind of market clout or impact, but I found myself scratching my head to explain why I got a comment on my "For Win8 Classic Shell Beats Start8, ...

  • September 07, 2012 07 Sep'12

    One small change to my PC, one giant PITA to implement

    One of the interesting and easily overlooked consequences to using SSDs on PCs at a time when RAM is also incredibly cheap is that you have to take the Windows pagefile into account (and a ...

  • September 05, 2012 05 Sep'12

    Learning Ins and Outs of Virtual Machines

    I'll admit it: I love to tinker with computers and to keep their device drivers up-to-date. This requires the occasional bit of creativity in figuring out how to bring the latest drivers together ...

  • September 04, 2012 04 Sep'12

    Egad! More Java vulnerabilities surface

    Ars Technica reported that the hurry-up fix delivered on 8/30 for Java to address a slew of vulnerabilities reported by Polish infosec firm Security Explorations-- namely, Java version 7 update ...

  • August 31, 2012 31 Aug'12

    For Win8 Classic Shell Beats Start8, Hands-Down!

    Earlier this week, I blogged about how Samsung is restoring a Start menu capability to its Windows 8 PCs. I also mentioned (and implicitly recommended) the Start8 startup replacement that returns ...

  • August 27, 2012 27 Aug'12

    More on Windows 8 RTM: Driver Issues All Solved, Flash Weirdness Presents

    As is so often the case, after I upgraded from Windows 8 RP to RTM, I had a few drivers to clean up on each of my test machines (right now, they include a Lenovo X220 Tablet and a home-built ...

  • August 22, 2012 22 Aug'12

    Windows 8 Pro RTM Experiences

    Here's my first report on experiences with Windows 8 Pro RTM, in the wake of two successful upgrade installs: one on my Lenovo X220 Tablet, the other on my i7-2700K. First things first: Mr. Denny's ...

  • August 22, 2012 22 Aug'12

    Microsoft Windows 8 licensing changes aim to simplify, but miss target

    Microsoft's attempt to simplify the language of the Windows 8 licensing contract causes confusion in some circles.

  • August 20, 2012 20 Aug'12

    How to "Upgrade" from Windows 8 Preview Release to Windows 8 RTM

    Thanks to SQL Server blogger Mr. Denny right here on ITKE, I have a great trick to share with readers who want to upgrade their Windows 8 Release Preview installs to the latest RTM version now ...

  • August 06, 2012 06 Aug'12

    Metro Madness, Mayhem, and Murder in Windows 8?

    There's been enough hoopla and unhappiness about the Windows 8 tile-oriented user interface known until now as Metro, that MS has apparently decided to kill the name and call this GUI something ...

  • August 03, 2012 03 Aug'12

    Windows 7 is trending to surpass Windows X Desktop Share in August, 2012

    Though other market followers have already intoned the inflection point between Windows XP and Windows 7 -- namely, the point at which the old (XP) finally dips below the new (Win7) -- tracking ...

  • August 01, 2012 01 Aug'12

    Windows 8 RTM Hits

    At 11:00 AM Central, 9:00 AM Pacific, Microsoft pushed "Releasing Windows 8 -- August 1, 2012" out to the Building Windows 8 blog. It wasn't so much a set of rumors (see below), as it was a set of ...

  • July 30, 2012 30 Jul'12

    Is Windows 7 your last Windows desktop migration?

    Microsoft will support Windows 7 until 2020. As mobile devices get more popular, you may not need to do another large-scale Windows desktop migration until then -- or ever again.

  • July 27, 2012 27 Jul'12

    Windows 7 Will Be Around for a Long, Long Time

    I had to chuckle this afternoon when I read Ed Bott's latest Operating Systems piece. It's entitled "How to skip Windows 8 and continue using Windows 7." In it he makes the very essential ...

  • July 25, 2012 25 Jul'12

    Windows 8 RTM Any Day Now

    MS hasn't yet made any announcements, but the rumors are flying thick and fast right now that RTM is "in its final hours of compiling and completing Windows 8." goes on to speculate ...

  • July 23, 2012 23 Jul'12

    How Long Will Enterprises Wait on Windows 8? Forever...

    October 26 is just over three months away as I write this blog, and that's when Windows 8 will become available to the general public -- and to enterprises, corporations, government arms and ...

  • July 20, 2012 20 Jul'12

    Microsoft Reports First-Ever Quarterly Loss, But Some Analysts See Relief in Sight Next Quarter...

    Listening to NPR this morning, I heard the news that the company is reporting its first-ever quarterly loss in 26 years in business. The loss of six cents per share stems from MS's decision to ...

  • July 19, 2012 19 Jul'12

    Windows 8 Gets a GA Date: 10/26/2012

    OK, so now it's official. Tons of sources (see this Google search) confirm the General Availability (GA) date for Windows 8 as October 26, 2012, thanks to remarks from the company's annual sales ...

  • July 18, 2012 18 Jul'12

    Microsoft's cloud-based Office 2013 won't hit GA with Windows 8

    This isn't your father's Office suite; Microsoft Office 2013 includes social collaboration and cloud integration features, but it may not be available this year.

  • July 16, 2012 16 Jul'12

    Say Goodbye to Windows Gadgets!

    Last week, I blogged on my site to report that a pair of security researchers plan to unveil majority security flaws in the Windows Sidebar and Gadgets interface at the upcoming Black Hat ...

  • July 12, 2012 12 Jul'12

    Despite BYOD and cloud, it's business as usual for Windows migrations

    Despite the rise and popularity of consumerization and other technology trends, enterprises might stick with a traditional Windows migration strategy.

  • July 11, 2012 11 Jul'12

    A Tale of Two Windows: 7 and 8

    Apparently, there's been a worldwide conference for Microsoft partners in Toronto recently, because ZDNet Windows maven Mary Jo Foley reported on July 9, that "Windows 8 is on track to be released ...

  • July 09, 2012 09 Jul'12

    Is Windows 8 Poised for Success or Failure?

    Regular ComputerWorld Windows Guy and market observer Preston Gralla got me thinking this morning with his article entitled "Early warning signs point to a Windows 8 apathetic launch." He makes ...

  • July 06, 2012 06 Jul'12

    MSDN Subscription Terms Vastly Curtailed

    Like many of my professional colleagues who research and write about Windows, I'm an MSDN subscriber. Thanks to some great gigs in the past three years I've actually upped my ante to around $1,600 ...

  • July 05, 2012 05 Jul'12

    Great Windows Resources: SevenForums and EightForums

    Thanks to a request from some colleagues at Dell recently, I've dug back into a pair of nonpareil websites to revisit their standout coverage and tutorials for all things Windows related. I'm ...

  • June 29, 2012 29 Jun'12

    MS Telemetry Tells Some Unexpected Tales About Windows PCs

    If you allow Windows to track and report on errors, every time your PC experiences some kind of problem it "phones home" to Redmond,  and reports on what's happened. It also promises to send you ...

  • June 28, 2012 28 Jun'12

    So-called "Fanless Heatsink" Promises Cooler PCs, Higher TDP, Lower Energy Consumption

    An interesting story appeared in Extreme Tech earlier this week. Entitled "The fanless heatsink: Silent, dust-immune, and almost ready for prime time," it digs into a recent invention from the ...

  • June 25, 2012 25 Jun'12

    On Becoming an mSATA Believer

    Last February, in getting ready to work on a Windows 8 book -- now abandoned, alas, in favor of other work -- I purchased a couple of Lenovo notebook PCs. My X220 Tablet has become my go-to ...

  • June 25, 2012 25 Jun'12

    Interesting Windows 8 malaises surface

    Windows guru Paul Thurrot has posted an interesting and disturbing story about some problems he's encountered recently with Windows 8 Release Preview. It's entitled "Broken Windows? Two Serious ...

  • June 21, 2012 21 Jun'12

    Interesting Power/Stability Problems Force Embarrasing Realization

    In the past month, I've replaced my previous production desktop -- a still powerful and more than adequate QX9650 quad-core based machine that I installed with a 32-bit version of Windows 7 ...

  • June 09, 2012 09 Jun'12

    Microsoft Sells Over 600M Copies of Windows 7

    Earlier this week (June 6) at Computex in Taipei, Taiwan, Microsoft Corporate VP Steven Guggenheimer announced that Microsoft has sold over 600 million licenses for Windows 7. Hmm. Let's do some ...

  • June 06, 2012 06 Jun'12

    The More Things You Change, The More Attentive You Must Be!

    File this one under the heading of "Another Windows war story." It dwells on strange shenanigans, and lessons learned, in switching over from an old, familiar, and reasonably stable desktop to a ...

  • June 04, 2012 04 Jun'12

    After the Weekend, More on Windows 8 Preview Release

    OK, so now I've got a few more hours with the latest Windows 8 release under my belt, and so far, so good. My biggest initial beef with the latest release is that it seems not to have absorbed too ...

  • June 01, 2012 01 Jun'12

    Microsoft to deliver Office 15 for Windows devices first, iPad later

    To give Windows 8 a competitive edge, Microsoft will deliver Office 15 only for its own devices this fall, with versions for the iPad and Android devices due out next year.

  • June 01, 2012 01 Jun'12

    Windows 8 Release Preview Hits the Street

    Just after lunch yesterday, I got the word that the Windows 8 Release Preview was out (you can download your own copy from whenever you like, ...

  • May 27, 2012 27 May'12

    Dealing with the "Bezel Issue" and Windows 8

    Almost any of the touchscreens you might buy today (especially those offered at more reasonable prices) will have bezels around the edge. By definition, a bezel forms a raised edge around the ...

  • May 25, 2012 25 May'12

    Missed F8 to Provoke Boot Options Gets Added Wrinkles in Win8

    Anybody who's worked on Windows PCs regularly knows the drill to obtain an alternate "Safe Boot" screen instead of allowing the normal boot sequence to grind to its normal conclusion: wait for the ...

  • May 23, 2012 23 May'12

    For Want of a Nail ... the Customer Was Lost!

    One of the great things about writing a self-guided technology blog is that I can use it as a platform for information and education, as the spirit moves me. Last weekend I got a warning from my ...

  • May 21, 2012 21 May'12

    More Windows 8 UI Rationale Explored and Explained

    There's a fascinating new post on the Building Windows 8 blog this morning, entitled "Creating the Windows 8 user experience," by Jensen Harris, Microsoft's Director of Program Management for the ...

  • May 18, 2012 18 May'12

    Windows Signature Offers Official "Degunking" for Windows

    OK, you know that the Windows world has truly come full circle when OS maker Microsoft offers an official Signature (the italics are theirs, not mine, as a quick trip to the Signature page will ...

  • May 14, 2012 14 May'12

    Ad-impression study reveals Win 8 CP usage levels

    US and India based online ad network and data analytics company Chitika reported in late April 2012 that "millions are already using the latest Microsoft operating system every day" (Study). In ...

  • May 11, 2012 11 May'12

    Touchscreen All-in-One Poses Interesting Win8 Possibilities

    Earlier this week I stumbled across a January PC Magazine story entitled "Build a Touch-Screen All-in-One Desktop." The star of the story is from EliteGroup (a Taiwanese mega-manufacturer of PCs ...

  • May 07, 2012 07 May'12

    Norton 2013 Betas Support Windows 8

    Symantec recently announced general availability of its various Norton 2013 beta products, including Norton AntiVirus, Norton Internet Security, and Norton 360. Although they come only with two ...

  • May 04, 2012 04 May'12

    Windows Intune Buyers Also Get Windows Enterprise Licenses

    There's been some discussion recently in relation to the Enterprise edition of Windows 8 that it will be made available only to subscribers to Microsoft's Software Assurance program. Not so! ...

  • April 30, 2012 30 Apr'12

    Who Thinks Windows 8 Is Ready for Prime Time?

    I had a very interesting conversation with former Microsoft MVP and current MS employee and "virtualization guy" John Savill last Friday. I've recently had to back out of my role as a primary ...

  • April 27, 2012 27 Apr'12

    No MSE 4.0 for Windows 8? Nope, not needed.

    When I saw the news that Microsoft Security Essentials (4.0) had recently been released (see Paul Thurrott's Microsoft Security Essentials 4.0 blog post for more information and a download link), I ...

  • April 23, 2012 23 Apr'12

    The Return of BW8: Two Posts!!!

    BW8 is a common abbreviation for Microsoft's Building Windows 8 blog, an occasional source of insight and information about the upcoming new desktop OS from the wizards of Redmond. After a 20-day ...

  • April 20, 2012 20 Apr'12

    For Windows 8 Image Mgmt Get to Know DISM

    DISM stands for Deployment Image Servicing and Management. This tool was introduced in Windows 7 and will be taking on more features, functions, and responsibilities in Windows 8. DISM replaces the ...

  • April 17, 2012 17 Apr'12

    Windows 8 Editions Limited in Number

    How many editions will Windows 8 have? Two consumer versions for x86/64 machines, one OEM-only version (for ARM processors), and one "specifically for those enterprise customers with Software ...

  • April 17, 2012 17 Apr'12

    WTF: Report Pegs IT Worker Confidence at an All-Time High? !#@

    It's not often that I get the chance to plug another fellow IT Knowledge Exchange blogger's post in one of my own blogs, but today sure is that day. Thanks to the news stream from my colleagues ...

  • April 16, 2012 16 Apr'12

    Maximizing an SSD Conversion Experience

    For many Windows 7 (and even some Windows 8 ) users switching over to a solid state disk, or SSD, comes after the OS has already been installed to a conventional drive. The adventure begins -- but ...

  • April 13, 2012 13 Apr'12

    BYOD and mobile cloud apps lead to licensing compliance issues

    Employees using their devices for work may violate their employers' Microsoft licensing agreement. But, licensing compliance issues can be avoided.

  • April 11, 2012 11 Apr'12

    There's more to UEFI than meets the eye!

    In previous blogs I've written about the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface, a 21st century, mostly 64-bit replacement for and upgrade to the 16-bit BIOS (Basic Input-Output System) that goes ...

  • April 09, 2012 09 Apr'12

    Drivers are slowly catching up with Windows 8

    In my previous post "Interesting Windows 8 Issues on Lenovo X220 Tablet" I delved into some Windows 8 driver shenanigans as they related to that machine. In the past few weeks I've performed over ...

  • April 06, 2012 06 Apr'12

    Interesting Windows 8 Issues on Lenovo X220 Tablet

    All in all, I've been pretty impressed with the X220 Tablet PC from Lenovo. It ran Windows 7 like a champ with good performance and touch response. Once I learned that a clean install of Windows 8 ...

  • April 04, 2012 04 Apr'12

    Windows 8 Exposure Without Killing Older Windows Installs

    Everybody's curious about Windows 8. But unless you work in a test lab, or have extra PCs to burn, you may not have a spare machine lying around on which to run the latest controversial Windows OS ...

  • March 30, 2012 30 Mar'12

    "Touch hardware and Windows 8:" Must-Read Blog

    On Wednesday, Building Windows 8featured a post from Jerry Koh, group program manager, and Jeff Piira, test manager, both from the Windows 8 Human Interaction Platform team. The blog post is ...

  • March 26, 2012 26 Mar'12

    Interesting driver status for clean Windows 8 installs

    When moving from an older Windows version to a newer one where an upgrade path exists, the upgrade install option picks up and carries as much of the older environment into the newer one as it can. ...

  • March 23, 2012 23 Mar'12

    Windows 8 Investigations Reveal a Nice Gadget Surprise

    In my earlier reading about Windows 8 (and even in some of my reporting) I'd been led to believe that "no more gadgets" was a stark reality of the Windows 8 landscape. Not so! A right click on the ...

  • March 20, 2012 20 Mar'12

    Yes, Indeed, It's ALWAYS Something!

    OK, so I 've been messing around pretty seriously with Windows 8 lately. And in so doing, I've also been messing about and learning about my Lenovo X220 Tablet and T520 notebook PCs. One of the ...

  • March 19, 2012 19 Mar'12

    IE10 Brings Immersion to Web Browsing in Windows 8

    In the latest Building Windows 8 blog post entitled "Web browsing in Windows 8 Customer Preview with IE10" Rob Maceri the group program manager for IE in Windows 8 explains how Microsoft has ...

  • March 15, 2012 15 Mar'12

    Microsoft Office 15 features, licensing details emerge

    Microsoft Office 15 will include radical changes to the way the product is bought and licensed. An Office for iPad app may also be on its way.

  • March 12, 2012 12 Mar'12

    Free PowerShell Scripting Series at MSDN

    For those who don't already know, PowerShell is a scripting language that has been around since 2006 (the year before Windows Vista was introduced). Thus, when PowerShell 1.0 was released on ...

  • March 09, 2012 09 Mar'12

    Windows 8: The Politics of Personalization

    I really, really like Ed Bott's work, and his ongoing take on Windows 8 (he's doing a book on the upcoming platform, just like I am). I was struck by his great sense of style and perspective as I ...

  • March 07, 2012 07 Mar'12

    Windows To Go delivers Windows 8 corporate images via USB

    Microsoft has touted Windows To Go as a way to facilitate bring your own device programs, but the USB-based Windows 8 feature may not support commonly used devices.

  • March 07, 2012 07 Mar'12

    Learning Windows 8: Hampered by "A la recherche du temps perdu"

    As an undergraduate, I took Alan Sonnenfeld's fabulous class wherein we read Ulysses, The Magic Mountain, and the Marcel Proust book whose French title is in my blog title, usually translated as ...

  • March 05, 2012 05 Mar'12

    Finding a way into Windows 8

    I've been working with Windows operating systems since version 3.0 or thereabouts, starting in mid-1990. As I do the math, I'm stunned to realize that means it's been almost 22 years since first ...

  • March 02, 2012 02 Mar'12

    Building the Windows 8-ready Desktop

    OK, so yesterday was the day that I put together a brand-spanking new Windows 8 desktop system for my upcoming book Windows 8 in Depth (due out from Pearson in late October, 2012, or whenever ...

  • March 02, 2012 02 Mar'12

    Windows 8 Consumer Preview includes new features for enterprise IT

    The Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview includes a client hypervisor, automatic backup and improvements to BranchCache. Here's a rundown of these and other important features.

  • February 29, 2012 29 Feb'12

    Here's the Win 8 Customer Preview!

    The Building Windows 8 blog just posted an item entitled "Running the Customer Preview: system recommendations" a few minutes ago, but I'll be darned if I can find a download link for that software ...

  • February 25, 2012 25 Feb'12

    SkyDrive Brings the Cloud to Windows 8, For Real!

    I saw, then read, the recent Building Windows 8 blog post entitled "Connecting your apps, files, PCs and devices to the cloud with SkyDrive and Windows 8" last Monday. I've been chewing this mass ...

  • February 22, 2012 22 Feb'12

    For Best Win8 Tablet Results, Think 1366x768 Resolution

    Man! I almost had a heart attack this morning when I read The Guardian's latest Technology Blog "Want the Windows 8 Preview? First, catch your 1366x768 resolution tablet." "Uh-oh!," I thought to ...

  • February 19, 2012 19 Feb'12

    New Windows 8 Logo Revealed: It's a Window, Not a Flag!

    On Friday, Sam Moreau blogged about the new Windows 8 logo in Blogging Windows in a post entitled "Redesigning the Windows Logo." The graphic at the head of my post comes from him, and lays out the ...

  • February 17, 2012 17 Feb'12

    Gearing Up for Windows 8

    OK, so I'm going to be co-authoring the next edition of Windows ... in Depth with long-time Windows stalwart Brian Knittel, and I'm literally "gearing up" for that project (the next edition, ...

  • February 16, 2012 16 Feb'12

    Adobe Reader gets no love from IT shops, but few switch from it

    Adobe Reader is unpopular but hard to give up. It could, however, become obsolete in a few years, thanks to built-in browser and OS support.

  • February 15, 2012 15 Feb'12

    Thurrott says: "With WOA, It's Windows NT All Over Again"

    You've gotta love Paul Thurrott and his Supersite for Windows. In a recent blog (Valentine's Day 2012, same title as the quote in my blog lead for today) he articulates clearly some very ...

  • February 10, 2012 10 Feb'12

    Windows Intune helps strapped IT departments with desktop management

    Small IT departments say it's better late than never for Windows Intune -- a cloud-based desktop management app for remote desktop access, patches, antivirus and software updates.

  • February 10, 2012 10 Feb'12

    Gadzooks! Windows 8 on ARM Gets Realer and Realer...

    I knew something interesting was up when I saw a blog post from Adrian Kingsley-Hughes this morning entitled "Microsoft gets it right with Windows 8 on ARM, and why Apple should be worried." I must ...

  • February 10, 2012 10 Feb'12

    Internet Explorer 6 apps hinder corporate adoption of Windows 7, IE9

    Organizations still rely on Windows XP and IE6 apps because they're a chore to upgrade. But IT pros can move without ditching legacy IE6 apps or having app compatibility problems.

  • February 08, 2012 08 Feb'12

    Buying a Touchscreen for Windows 8, Episode 2

    As I dig further into the touch requirements for Windows 8, I'm learning more and more about touch technologies along the way. Alas, I'm also learning how very few of the currently available ...

  • February 06, 2012 06 Feb'12

    Buying a Touchscreen for Windows 8, Episode 1

    OK, so I'm getting onboard for an upcoming "day and date" book on Windows 8 (this means we have to have the book finished far enough in advance of the ship date for Windows 8 that it can be sent to ...

  • February 01, 2012 01 Feb'12

    Windows on ARM poses unique challenges, benefits

    Windows 8 on ARM processors will give enterprises supporting BYOD a way to manage one operating system across all devices. But putting Windows 8 on ARM also raises concerns.

  • February 01, 2012 01 Feb'12

    More on Chipset Drivers and the Intel Driver Update Utility

    Last Friday (January 27, 2012) I posted a blog entitled "Intel Driver Update Utility and Intel Chipsets," wherein I observed that this useful online tool -- which analyzes the systems on which it's ...

  • January 30, 2012 30 Jan'12

    Microsoft licensing rules for BYOD not set; beware of snags

    Experts warn that BYOD can lead to Microsoft licensing violations, and they explain how to properly license software for mobile access.

  • January 27, 2012 27 Jan'12

    Intel Driver Update Utility and Intel Chipsets

    The Intel Driver Update Utility is handy but not always completely currentThe Intel Driver Update Utility(IDUU) is a handy-dandy software tool that depends on a "Systems Requirements Lab" active ...

  • January 25, 2012 25 Jan'12

    About Sensors and Windows 8

    The latest entry in the Building Windows 8  blog is called "Supporting Sensors in Windows 8," and it comes from Gavin Gear, one of the Microsoft Product Managers on the Windows 8 Device ...

  • January 23, 2012 23 Jan'12

    Interesting discussion on fairness and ease for MS cert exams

    As part of my daily due diligence in writing this blog, I keep up with the postings on Microsoft's Born to Learn blog. A recent post (1/17/2012) from Andrew Bettany entitled "Have MSTS/MCITP exams ...

  • January 20, 2012 20 Jan'12

    Thurrott & Rivera on Windows 8 Logo Requirements

    In his most recent monthly column for WindowsITPro entitled "The Rigor of Windows 8 Hardware Certification Requirements, ..." Windowsmeister Paul Thurrott provides a snapshot of the current ...