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Always perform and verify backups

This excerpt from "The administrator shortcut guide to patch management" describes why it is important to always perform and verify backups of your data.

In an emergency in which one or more of your servers has gone down and must be restored, having reliable backups of your data is critical -- especially if you can't afford to be down for very long. If backups are not made daily or at an interval acceptable to your library, you will not be able to quickly recover (or recover at all) from data loss. You should create backup procedures that state which data must be backed up, when backups must be made, how they must be tested, where the backup media is stored and how restores are performed.

If you're using Windows XP, you can also rely on the Restore Point technology for backups. For more information about this technology, see the Microsoft article "Use System Restore to Undo Changes if Problems Occur."

In addition to backing up the servers, consider backing up the domain infrastructure. Microsoft provides a detailed process for doing so in the article "Domain Infrastructure Backup and Recovery" and in the article "Member Server Baseline Backup and Recovery."

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