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Chapter introduction: The importance of patch management

This excerpt from "The administrator shortcut guide to patch management" explains why the key to gaining overall security is patch management.

Administrator shortcut guide to patch management The following excerpt is from Chapter 1 of the free eBook "Administrator shortcut guide to patch management" written by Rod Trent and available at Click for the complete book excerpt series.

Importance of patch management

For the majority of companies, security has become the top issue for planning and implementing technologies, and effective security in today's environment goes well beyond simply running antivirus applications and installing firewalls. Total security also encompasses user and IT staff education and training. And key to gaining overall security, as we will explore in this guide, is patch management.

To lay the foundation for a more detailed discussion of patch management in later chapters, this chapter provides an overview of the barriers to implementing and maintaining a secure environment, the state of security in the computing world and potential vulnerabilities in any organization. This groundwork will enable us to explore the crucial idea behind patch management: Patch management is not a one time operation but a series of ongoing steps and processes to bring the environment within the most current secure specifications. Let's begin with a focus on overall security, which will illustrate and emphasize the importance of patch management in a successful security strategy.

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