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IT pressing ahead with XP SP2 despite concerns

Application compatibility and business continuity are the greatest worries with the desktop upgrade, a new study finds.

Half of the IT managers participating in a new study said they fear that deploying Microsoft's Windows XP Service Pack 2 will cause interruptions in the business activities of their organization.

Nevertheless, nearly 80% of respondents said that within six months they will deploy the major upgrade to Microsoft's desktop operating system, which was released in August. The study

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was commissioned by SupportSoft Inc, a Redwood City, Calif.-based company that makes software to troubleshoot hardware and software issues, including SP2 deployments.

"Because the effects of SP2 are far reaching, it can expose the many gaps between end users, the help desk and IT desktop management," Chris Grejtak, a senior vice president at SupportSoft, said in a statement. "If these groups don't coordinate with one another, companies may compound technical issues that arise during migration."

The study also found that 73% of the IT managers were most concerned by compatibility between SP2 and their applications. One-third of respondents said they run more than 100 applications.

Almost 40% of those taking the survey said their organizations would reap security benefits from SP2, and nearly half expect that the upgrade will specifically protect them from worms and viruses.

The study was conducted by Stamford, Conn.-based InsightExpress LLC, an online market research firm. A total of 117 IT managers at companies of 500 or more employees were surveyed.

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