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Group Policy software developer gets new identity

Desktop configuration vendor AutoProf has given itself a makeover to become DesktopStandard Corp.

Portsmouth, N.H.-based software maker AutoProf announced on Wednesday that it has changed its name to DesktopStandard Corp. The move by the enterprise desktop configuration vendor was combined with the launch of a new security product.

The company's latest product offering is called PolicyMaker Application Security, software that allows administrators to modify privileges of end users. "To reduce the value to its simplest form, PolicyMaker Application Security addresses two main scenarios. Scenario one -- normal users need to have rights elevated to run a specific application or launch a specific process. Scenario two -- security conscious administrators know that they are putting their systems at risk when they are logged on with administrative rights and they launch an Internet-facing application such as Internet Explorer or Outlook," the company said in a statement.

Just prior to the name change, DesktopStandard's PolicyMaker won a Gold Award in the Active Directory category of TechTarget's annual Windows Products of the Year review.

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