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Spy Fighters: Antispyware lessons learned by readers

When asked which antispyware solutions work best, readers have a lot to say. A group of true spy fighters share their nightmares, opinions and advice on beating spyware.

Ask a group of 50 people to compare antispyware products and chances are you will receive 50 different product reviews. recently posted a tip comparing two antispyware tools -- Lavasoft's Ad-Aware vs. Spybot-Seach & Destroy. Nearly 50 people who read the tip had their own opinions to share about what they think are the most effective antispyware solutions.

Using an informal tally, we learned that 92% of people who submitted letters to the editor are using two or more antispyware tools (some as many as six tools) to prevent and cleanse spyware infections. Ad-Aware and Spybot, often used together, are included in the vast majority of reported antispyware solutions. However, these two tools aren't always the favorites -- they are typically selected for being the free ones.

To bring you a sample of letters to the editor, we chose 10 that represent a cross section of different antispyware experiences. In each case, the reader (who we've dubbed a "spy fighter") discusses his or her spyware dilemmas, offers antispyware tool reviews, and explains how and when to use specific tools. Some also offer tips for preventing infections. You can navigate to each of our spy fighter's letters using the following list.

Spy Fighters' Letters to the Editor

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