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Spy Fighters: Choosing a resalable antispyware solution

This reseller and reader explains how he chose an antispyware tool to recommend to his clients.

When asked which antispyware solutions work best and when to use them, readers had a lot to say. The following commentary is one of 10 letters to the editor describing readers' preferred antispyware solutions, their biggest spyware concerns and, in some cases, their own tips for preventing spyware infections. Click for the complete series.

Letter #10: Choosing a resalable antispyware solution

Reader: Steve LaPha
Service Manager
Dytech Group
Orlando, Fla.

Environment: We are a dealer (reseller) of Webroot's Spy Sweeper. We have deployed antispyware products in many networks of 10+ users and several networks of 50+ users.

Spyware dilemma: We were looking for an enterprise antispyware solution to deploy on our clients networks' that would protect all of the computers in the company. After evaluating several of the top antispyware products, we decided on Spy Sweeper by Webroot. We became a dealer (reseller) and now use and recommend it to our clients.

Antispyware solution: Webroot's Spy Sweeper, Lavasoft's Adware, Spybot-Search & Destroy, CWShredder

We used Ad-Aware, Spybot and CWShredder to remove all traces of spyware. Spy Sweeper has been helpful in removing some spyware that Ad-Aware and Spybot could not remove. The enterprise version can be installed on a server and rolled out to all workstations, and it has an option to block incoming spyware.

As far as Microsoft's AntiSpyware product, I don't expect that the first version will be much competition for more advanced product -- but watch out for the second version. They usually get it right by then.

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