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Letter #6: Firefox more easily configured for security

When asked which browser will win them over -- Internet Explorer or Firefox -- readers' choices are clear. Read one of six letters to the editor.

When asked which browser will ultimately win them over -- Internet Explorer or Firefox -- readers have a lot to say. The following commentary is one of six letters to the editor describing why readers are sticking with IE or why they switched to Firefox. Some also offer best practices to help you lock down Internet use in spite of browser weaknesses. Click for the complete series.

Letter #6: Firefox more easily configured for security

Project Manager

Environment: Standalone Windows 2000 Professional workstation

Internet Explorer or Firefox: Both used, but Firefox preferred

Why IE and Firefox: Statistically IE has more failures and weaknesses than Firefox, but I don't think either are safe from attack.

IE: I use it, but it is not easily configured for security. Internal failures often waste my time and it's not adapted to a work environment.

Firefox: The ease of setting configuration menu options and changing parameters is the major advantage for using Firefox. User reactivity is better when a security breach occurs, and Firefox is identified in memory as a standalone program, whereas IE appears multiple times.

Firefox as a future attack target: IE is more well known and therefore more frequently attacked than Firefox. In any case, security should come from the firewall and antivirus software rather than the browser.

What Microsoft should do to fix browser problems: Analyze bugs faster, provide feedback to customers when problems are submitted online, and increase and simplify the capacity to react and stop bad activity, which is not only originated by hackers but also commercial sites.

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