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Microsoft tightens up document access

A new service pack for its Windows Rights Management Services offers lockdown features for servers and desktops.

Microsoft on Monday released the first service pack for its Windows Rights Management Services, software that is designed to restrict access to documents to help companies that want to prevent sensitive data from being leaked.


RMS SP1 includes a "lockbox" that can be used for servers as well as clients. The lockbox helps IT administrators who want to extend information protection to their managed content, such as archiving RMS-protected e-mails, for example.

Prior to SP1, to get the lockbox software, each PC in a system had to send hardware identification to RMS in a one-time activation process. RMS then sent the information to a Rights Management Activation Service hosted by Microsoft, which returned the lockbox DLL and signed a client certificate. Now, customers can centrally manage rights.

Some of the other service pack features include the ability to run RMS in air-gap networks with no outside operational dependencies, two-factor authentication capabilities and the ability to apply usage-rights policies to dynamic groups defined by queries of Active Directory, according to Microsoft.

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