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Roberta Bragg's 10 best practices for locking down Windows

Windows security guru Roberta Bragg offers her 10 best practices for locking down Windows in the enterprise. This timeless presentation from Windows Decisions 2003 includes practical advice about developing an effective security program without overwhelming your budget or technical staff.

Windows is everywhere in the enterprise -- but is it secure? It can be.

In this PowerPoint deck from security expert Roberta Bragg's session at Enterprise Windows Decisions 2003, Bragg outlines her top 10 Windows security best practices and shows how to conquer your most pressing security needs without overwhelming your budget or your technical staff.

This presentation cuts through the vast cacophony of well-meaning advice, and will help you integrate sound, maintainable practices into a security plan. You'll also learn how to take charge and focus your efforts on the items that provide the most payback, and use the technology to win the battle for system security and privacy.

Focused points of interest include:

  • leveraging 802.1x authentication in a Windows network to ensure wireless LAN security
  • fast path to a consistent, maintainable security baseline,
  • removing the pain of systems updating: automated patching at your command,
  • meeting privacy guidelines with encryption and access control,
  • hardening authentication, without purchasing hardware,
  • auditing security compliance - how to watch the watchers and
  • securing the Active Directory.
You can download Roberta's 10 best practices for Windows security PowerPoint presentation from Enterprise Windows Decisions.

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