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Ten hidden Windows command prompt tricks


Use little-known Windows commands

Source:  Nirmal Sharma; Photograph: Scott Griessel/Fotolia

Desktop administrators use the Windows command prompt regularly, but they may not realize that it includes features that can save them a lot of time. Here are several hidden command prompt tricks that can reduce the time it takes to perform common tasks. Note that some of these commands may not work with Windows XP, but all should apply to Windows 7 through Windows 8.1.

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1. tracert
2. tree
3. net user
4. net user
5. net user password*
you will be prompted to enter a new password for the user account for the computer
6. net view,, will allow you to see all devices connected to your router or internal device
sorry number 4 is

4. net user ( username)
I'm looking for the commands that will enable me to get access to all the local area network
Great to see these changes, now to educate or not the current users. It's had enough as a one person tech support at a small company and always in demand...
net view
There seems to be an entire sub-industry devoted to ferreting out hidden Windows commands. And that's not just at the command prompt, but throughout most MS programs. I'm left to wonder if these are all hidden features or the clever manipulation of hidden shortcomings.
When I click the link to download "Ten hidden Windows command prompt tricks" I am brought to the page to download Office 2013 features. Bad link.
Interesting..I almost never use it but makes me wonder if i can be exploited and give us another area we need to worry about for security.
@Norman - they're not so much hidden and totally not new. They're in fact old stuff. Before Windows, there was Norton Commander. And before NC there was only the command line.
All these and many other commands are from those times. Typical users don't need to use them regularly but they're still invaluable for task automation.
I'm stuck with issues to login to my account on Windows Server 2012 R2. All I can access is command prompt. Can I get help with login in commands?