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Windows 8.1 user interface improves on previous Windows 8 features


Skip the Start menu with Windows 8 Boot to Desktop

Source:  Brien Posey

Some users complained about Microsoft's Windows 8 boot process because they wanted to be able to boot to the desktop and skip the Start menu altogether. Microsoft has added a Boot to Desktop function to Windows 8.1. There are also a number of other navigation customizations available, such as the ability to turn off Windows 8.1's hot corners or to automatically display the Apps view.

To access the Boot to Desktop feature, click on the Desktop tile, right-click on an empty area of the desktop, and choose the Personalize command from the shortcut menu. When the Personalize dialog box appears, click the Taskbar and Navigation link. When you do, Windows will open the Taskbar and Navigation Properties sheet. The Boot to Desktop option is located on the properties sheet's Navigation tab.

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