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New Microsoft Office 2013 features you need to know about


Read mode brings Word 2013 documents to touchscreens

Source:  Brien Posey

Because touchscreen devices are becoming more common, Word 2013 offers a Read view that is optimized for use with touchscreens. Read view shows a large-print version of a Word 2013 document, and you can use swipes to move from one page to the next.

There are also some touch-optimized menus that can be accessed while in Read view. These menus allow you to perform simple tasks such as finding a piece of information within the document.

Despite adopter hesitance because of the touch-centric Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft has addressed those using tablets or straddling interfaces with its Windows 8.1 update.

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Thanks, interesting review. My impression was that Office 2013 offers only incremental value over Office 2010, and this review, at least, appears to confirm that. Only PDF editing strikes me as a significant new capability. The others are minor interface tweaks. Many are various ways of looking at one feature, OneDrive. Since most of my corporate customers shrink at the prospect of putting any docs in the cloud, that's not a big deal, although I do promote the use of OneDrive on a local SharePoint share as a great solution for people who want to integrate tablets and desktops. It avoids all of the licensing complications of VDI, including the requirement to license Office for an iPad, and delivers the "good enough" viewing, review, and light editing capabilities that a tablet user might find useful.