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Five reasons Windows 10 adoption is worth considering


Despite trepidation, it's best to migrate to Windows 10

Designer: Megan Cassello

Windows 7 is getting old, and Windows 8 was not popular. Even so, some organizations are hesitant to migrate to Windows 10. Like any operating system overhaul, upgrading to Windows 10 is daunting on a lot of levels, and there is a nearly endless list of reasons why organizations hesitate to make a move.

First of all, there are concerns about bugs in any new OS. Fortunately, the Windows 10 bugs that do exist have been harmless, and the new constant updates keep them at bay. App compatibility is another issue: Most Windows 7 and 8.1 apps are compatible with Windows 10, but there is no guarantee every app works with the new OS. The same goes for hardware. Older hardware -- particularly hardware designed with Windows XP in mind -- might not have what it takes to run the new OS. And then there are the privacy concerns. Microsoft collects a lot of data with Windows 10, but ultimately that process is designed to make the OS run smoother.

So yes, it may be smart to think twice before Windows 10 adoption, but there are a lot of reasons to move to the new OS sooner rather than later too. Take some time to explore five of the top reasons to upgrade to Windows 10, including new security features and universal apps. 

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What is your biggest source of hesitation when it comes to a Windows 10 update?
You mean besides spyware, features I don't need and a annoying UI?

Ok here's a question. What happens if you upgrade and later get a disk crash and you have to reinstall. The W10 install media won't take your existing W7 or W8 keys and the upgrade period is over. I suppose one can do an image backup. Any other options?
There a number of reasons...
1) the UI is Crappy
2) Automatic Updating is a minefield, will Microsoft rembuse us in the event of a network wide failure where we have to reload all systems due to bricking.
3) Cortana, voice is NOT welcome or wanted in our personal or business, our work is dome via keyboards talking to your computer is akin to talking to yourself.
4) Cloud is also a NON event.

It would seem that Microsoft is forgetting it's thousands of users/businesses who use there computers for earning a living/profit NOW and DON'T want to spend thousands of $$$ in retraining or the purchase of new Hardware.
When the upgrade began you were given the option to burn an image of the popular version they were giving away. Now when you safeguard your 10 install make sure you keep your licences written down. Call your activation phone number talk to someone live and explain that you had to reinstal. A new activation code will be given. That part hasn't changed. I have two versions of Win 10 Hm & Pro. The HM vrs on two were factory imaged one from 7 pro and one from 7 ultimate. I keep all my licences updated from a free service Bel_Arch and that list is saved in the cloud. I hope that helps!
Despite trepidation it is far better to upgrade to desktop Linux. Run it on server also. Freedom, privacy, security, ease of use, and scale. It is all there.