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Five reasons Windows 10 adoption is worth considering


Windows 10 Continuum takes 2-in-1s to new heights

Designer: Megan Cassello

Windows 10 Continuum is another feature in the new OS. Continuum recognizes the device type a user is working with and automatically adjusts to it. So, if a user has a 2-in-1 device with a keyboard attached, Continuum configures the device to work like a traditional PC with keyboard functionality. If the user takes the keyboard off, the OS asks if it should switch to tablet mode. With a simple tap, devices switch to a more touch-based interface. Continuum identifies the correct orientation for the device when a user powers it on, but it also makes changes on the fly so a user does not have to restart the device for Continuum to switch the orientation from one mode to another. 

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Will Continuum help the 2-in-1 market take over in the enterprise?