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Top five Windows 10 problems and how to solve them


Break down Windows 10 performance problems

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Visual Editor: Sarah Evans

Microsoft brought big changes with Windows 10. And with those changes, big issues followed. The operating system is still relatively new to the IT world, and there are several kinks in the system to work out. Windows 10 Wi-Fi connectivity can go extinct in the blink of an eye, ads are still appearing all over the OS and Microsoft is mining user data left and right.

IT pros and users alike discuss several Windows 10 performance problems, but these top five take the cake for avoidable disasters. The breadcrumbs IT should follow are right here to help keep Windows 10 performance problems at bay.

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After installing version 1703 some new users cannot login to the domain. I have tried a number of things I found by doing a search. None of them worked. The only thing that has worked is to restage the system with version 1703. Bill
Win 10-64 |Creator, takes some beating for crap software. Issue is without register editing you cannot stop it downloading. Absolute bad decision by MS.
2 main issues for me that give a headache:-
1. Would like the ability to have more control over the constant stream of updates. Downloading during working hours uses too much resource and affects productivity.
2. Inclusion of loads of games all the time has no place in the Professional version of an OS.