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Top five Windows 10 migration fears


IT pros prepare to move to Windows 10

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Everyone has their fears. For some, it's flying or heights. For others, it's creatures -- maybe snakes or bats. Many IT professionals are in the midst of confronting a somewhat scarier proposition: moving to Windows 10.

As organizations start their Windows 10 migrations, they must face a few challenges that come with the operating system, such as its revamped patching and updating model. Application discovery and compatibility testing can prove to be downright nightmarish for some organizations, as well.

With all the complications that may arise when moving to Windows 10, it's no wonder IT pros have some fears about the process. Check out their biggest concerns and learn how they addressed them.

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What scares you most about migrating to Windows 10?
I'm concerned that the maintenance model -- four strands of updates, leading to multiple different versions in the field, is an engineers nightmare that could bring Microsoft and its users to their knees. The number of unfixed errors is already significant -- just look at the community forums -- and is likely to become much worse.
The Windows 10 distribution rhythm of 2 updates a year, as well as 1 monthly patch containing all quality updates is aiming at reducing the number of variations in the field, as compared to current state.
The change is always creates some issues with customer or user they are using good or no-complaint software like windows 7. Also they remember there a change to Vista which made them rollback to XP so the failure make the people unstable.
Yet more software that the general public uses a SMALL fraction of.