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Top five Windows 10 migration fears


Less control over Windows OS updates

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Windows 10's automatic updates and patches mark a drastic change for IT professionals.

The changes to Microsoft's model -- in which organizations now receive fewer, larger Windows OS updates rolled up with all of the previous month's patches -- are cause for concern, said Hector Cortez, global infrastructure manager and architect at Neovia Logistics Services, a global logistics company.

"Patching seems to be more of a long-term concept from the OS level," Cortez said. "There's not that granularity anymore, so we're making sure that we're able to manage and support that."

For that reason, the organization has decided not to use the Long-Term Servicing Branch for updates, and instead test and manage individual Windows OS updates as they come in, he said.

The size of the rolled up patch updates can present other problems. They can be up to 7 GB, so they require a lot of storage and network bandwidth to deliver to users, said Chris Cobb, vice president and desktop engineering manager at Chemical Bank in Midland, Mich.

"When you're talking about doing that to 250 remote sites and not impacting productivity and killing their network connection, that was probably the thing we have been most challenged with," he said.

Earlier this year, Chemical Bank implemented Adaptiva to help with this issue. The software distribution tool uses bandwidth harvesting, which enables IT to send Windows updates out to a branch, where they only consume the bandwidth the branch isn't using at that exact time. Before, employees had a hard time serving customers because there was such latency when the network was downloading an update.

"There had been mighty struggles with patching," Cobb said. "Now, I've pushed out terabytes of data to our branches, and the one call I haven't gotten that I used to get every day is 'Our network is slow.' It gets it done behind the scenes." 

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