What's hot in Microsoft Windows security

Keep up with the latest Microsoft patches, Windows network security strategies, Microsoft security best practices and more in our monthly podcast series.

Microsoft Windows security is a constantly evolving landscape. New security threats are emerging practically every day and you need to keep up with these threats to make sure your network and users are properly secured. Now, thanks to our "What's hot in Windows security" podcast series, that is no problem. In our monthly interview sessions, we discuss what network admins need to know about in the Windows security world, from recent Windows patch developments to conferences and Windows security best practices.

The ins and outs of Windows Server 2008 security
We discuss Windows Server 2008 security features, implementation plans and comparisons to Windows Vista in this month's 'What's hot in Windows security' podcast.
Listen to this podcast on the ins and outs of Windows Server 2008.

Microsoft Office security and malware on Web create buzz
The release of the 2007 Microsoft Office Security Guide and some search engine-friendly malware infected Web pages top Windows security concerns this month.
Listen to this podcast on Microsoft Office security and malware on Web.

Updating Windows Update; new IE scare
In October, Microsoft warned of a dangerous command execution vulnerability for users running Internet Explorer 7 on systems running Windows XP or Windows Server 2003. They also released automatic updates to Windows Update, even if users had universally disallowed such changes to take place.
Listen to this podcast on Windows Update and IE with security expert Serdar Yegulalp.

White lists, Blue Hats
Join us for a discussion on Symantec's new "whitelisting" approach to Windows security and what you can expect to hear coming out of Microsoft's BlueHat conference.
Listen to this podcast on Windows security strategy and Microsoft's BlueHat conference.

Critical patches
August was a busy month for admins due to the flurry of patches released on Microsoft's Patch Tuesday. In this month's security expert podcast, Kevin Beaver talks about which vulnerabilities he feels are most important, the state of Patch Tuesday and how admins can take better advantages of patches in order to keep their network in tip-tip shape.
Listen to this podcast on critical Windows patches.

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