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Can you pass the Windows 10 upgrade test?

A full upgrade to Windows 10 is easier said than done. Use this quiz to determine how ready you are to lead the migration charge.

IT can cut down unnecessary costs and tasks by following the right Windows 10 upgrade path.

When IT professionals understand what a migration from an older OS to Windows 10 will look like, they can better prepare the organization, users and software for the transition. Understanding the hardware requirements ahead of time and what applications will make the transition can significantly reduce wasted energy. Assistance from special tools, such as Microsoft's Assessment and Planning Toolkit, may also be a wise investment.

If you're not sure where to start on your migration plan, use this Windows 10 upgrade test to determine how much there is to learn and how to become an expert. And if you've already been through a Windows 10 upgrade, put your knowledge on the line, and see how you match up against others.

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