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Prepare for the final exam on Windows 10 hidden features

With all the features in Windows 10 it's easy to lose track of a few. Test your knowledge of these overlooked features, including a virtualization-based security tool.

Anybody who follows sports knows that teams such as the Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees and Notre Dame Fighting Irish get media attention rained on them whether they're playing well or not.

Windows 10 is similar. Continuum and Windows Hello grab all the headlines, but there are plenty of Windows 10 hidden features IT admins need to know. These features let users write directly on webpages and protect against hackers altering IT's application policies, for instance. They are valuable and they deserve attention too.

Put your knowledge of Windows 10 hidden features to the test. Show off what you know about the features in Microsoft Edge and what type of information Cortana sends to Microsoft.

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