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Show off your knowledge of Windows 10 features

Are you a Windows 10 expert? Flaunt your knowledge with this quiz about app compatibility, the OS upgrade process and more.

The so-called final Windows operating system is here. Windows 10 is ready and waiting for users to get their hands on it.

Instead of releasing a new OS every few years, Microsoft decided to switch to a continuous upgrade strategy for Windows 10. So, although Windows 11 may never exist, Windows 10 will constantly be changing and upgrading.

Whether or not you have already downloaded Microsoft's latest OS or are preparing to do so, you want to be sure you really understand the Windows 10 features. How will Android and iOS apps work on the OS? Will Windows 7 and 8 apps be compatible with Windows 10? And what's the big deal with Cortana coming to Windows 10?

Find out how well you know the answers to these questions as you dive into this Windows 10 quiz that covers even more, including the upgrade process and features such as the Action Center and multiple desktops.

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