What do you know about Microsoft Internet security?

How much do you know about Microsoft internet security? Take a break from reading your email and check out this quiz that will test your knowledge on IIS, IE and other Web applications.

How secure are your Microsoft Web applications like Internet Explorer (IE) and Internet Information Services (IIS)? Do you know how to block users from running specific Web applications? Do you know all there is to know about IE security? Take our Microsoft internet security quiz and find out.

1. This tool, made for use in IE, allows you to set the level of language, nudity, sex and violence that your users can view on the Web.
What tool is it?

2. Web ______ hide a user's (or a company's) real IP address from the internet. They can be used to evade corporate firewalls, which would allow users to visit restricted Web sites.
How do you hide IP addresses?

3. This Group Policy technology is normally used to block users from running specific applications but can also be used to run applications in a reduced-privilege context.
What Group Policy technology is this?

4. A form of social engineering attack, this type of exploit occurs when an attacker fakes out a user with a misleading URL.
What social engineering attack is this?

5. In this Web server's management console, you can manage permissions for better access control, configure NTFS permissions for Web documents and force users to establish an encrypted link in order to connect to certain directories and files.
What Web server is it?

6. Part of the R2 release of Windows Server 2003, this service is defined as a single sign on technology that can be used to authenticate a user into multiple Web applications over the course of a single session.
What Web service is it?

7. Essentially an IIS Web site, this Microsoft service was built on Windows Server 2003 and provides a Web-based interface that allows network users to use Microsoft Office tools to build simple business applications.
What service is it?

8. This Web server is Microsoft's enterprise-class firewall product. It blocks unused ports at your network's perimeter and also (when configured as a Network Address Translation (NAT) router) allows the workstations on your network to share an internet connection.
What MS firewall product blocks unused ports?

9. Adjusting the size of your cache is a good way to troubleshoot IE7. How exactly do you go about changing the cache size in IE7?
Adjust the cache size in IE.

10. You can use these network analysis tools to detect when specific IP addresses are trying to connect to IIS.
What network analyzers do this?

11. SuperScan is a tool that allows you to quickly scan your network to find the less visible Web servers on your network. What are some other tools that help you test the security of your Web server?
What tools scan Windows networks?

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