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Windows security tools roundup

Looking for some new security tools to fit your budget? IT managers have plenty of choices for the enterprise and for their end users.

With plenty of security tools available -- some for a price and some for free -- there are few reasons for any computing environment to be left unprotected. This Special Report zeros in on the security tools that can help IT managers safeguard their Windows shop. And, as there are always new tools coming out, it's worth checking back for updates.

Part One: Top Windows client security tools for end users

Tony Bradley
Tony Bradley
Sometimes it seems like there are more security tools and appliances available than there are threats to use them against. Sometimes it might seem easier to just let the attacks come and respond to the incidents as they arise rather than taking the time to evaluate and compare the different options to find the tools that are right for you. But as contributor Tony Bradley points out, discovering what your peers and colleagues use can help when choosing your Windows client security tools.

Part Two: Top five free Windows security management tools

Ask just about any Windows administrator about a favorite tool and many of them drop a list of free ones they can't do without. This feature takes a look at the top five free security tools Windows shops are downloading from Microsoft to manage tasks and update systems.

Part Three: Security tools that can boost Windows mobile security

Kevin Beaver
Kevin Beaver
All it takes is one hole in the environment -- one weak link in the chain -- to cause security problems for your business, and mobile devices are arguably our worst enemy right now. Security expert Kevin Beaver shares his list of must-have mobile security tools that can help security managers gain visibility and control of mobile devices.

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