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Windows 10 is flush with new features, including a return to the more traditional Start menu and a feature called Continuum that flips the screen orientation depending on the presence of the keyboard. There are also new security features such as Windows Hello for Business IT should know about. And, IT can customize who can use what features and how certain features work.

Windows 10 features News

  • July 07, 2020 07 Jul'20

    Microsoft launches Windows File Recovery tool

    Despite the prevalence of cloud storage and data backups, important files are still lost. Microsoft's Windows File Recovery tool aims to address the problem.

  • December 13, 2019 13 Dec'19

    MS Unveils New Win10 Icon and More

    In a blog post to, CVP Jon Friedman talks about MS unveils new Win10 icon and the general icon redesign effort behind it all. Great stuff!

  • December 09, 2019 09 Dec'19

    China Says No Mo Windows or PCs Starting 2022

    China Says No Mo Windows or PCs Starting 2022, meaning that it won't use non-Chinese software or OSes after that date. Can the Communist Party order up a new OS that fast? We'll see.

  • December 04, 2019 04 Dec'19

    Windows 10 issues top list of most read stories for IT pros

    IT pros seemed focused on the latest Microsoft OS, based on our most read stories for 2019. That may not come as a surprise, given next month's end-of-life deadline for Windows 7.

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