Windows 10 upgrades

All the information in the world on Windows 10 is useless if IT doesn't know how to upgrade to the OS. Whether an organization is upgrading from a previous version of Windows or looking to do a clean install, making sure everything works when IT releases Windows 10 into the wild is critical to the success of the migration.

Windows 10 upgrades News

  • July 07, 2020 07 Jul'20

    Microsoft launches Windows File Recovery tool

    Despite the prevalence of cloud storage and data backups, important files are still lost. Microsoft's Windows File Recovery tool aims to address the problem.

  • July 16, 2019 16 Jul'19

    Despite Windows 10 issues, customers remain confident in OS

    The issues surrounding the latest Windows 10 OS update have affected some users to the point of annoyance, while others remain unaffected and unfazed by the continued issues.

  • April 19, 2019 19 Apr'19

    Latest Windows 10 update issues cause more freezing problems

    This news brief details the additional issues around the April 9 Windows 10 update as well as provides a look at Microsoft's Edge browser, built using Google's open sourced web browser Chromium.

  • April 14, 2019 14 Apr'19

    MCT1903 Misnomer Not Available

    Though some enterprising Windows-head found a file named MediaCreationTool1903.exe, it's a MCT1903 Misnomer not available to the public just yet, as a bit of DISM inspection shows. It will be ready ...

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