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Access logs in Excel format

Obtain an Exce-readable, comma-delimited security logon/logoff/lockout log file (.csv) of a server.

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Obtain an Excel-readable, comma-delimited security logon/logoff/lockout log file (.csv) of a server in your domain. Using the Resource Kit's dumpel.exe utility, you can create a file called stats.csv, then optionally convert the three digit access codes using FR.EXE (i.e. File Search/Replace Version 1.4 by Tony Provalov, built Dec. 16, 1999) to decipher the three digits to text of logon/logoff/badpasswords.

From command line, type:

{pdcservername}c$winntsystem32dumpel -f stats.csv 
     -s {servername} -l security -d 1 -format uIdt -c
From the command line, then run this code as a batch file:
@echo off
fr stats.csv "528" "console user logon    " stats1.csv
fr stats1.csv "538" "console user logoff   " stats.csv
fr stats.csv "540" "network user logon    " stats1.csv
fr stats1.csv "673" "service ticket granted" stats.csv
fr stats.csv "681" "network logon FAILURE " stats1.csv
fr stats1.csv "539" "account LOCKED OUT    " stats.csv
fr stats.csv "529" "BAD PASSWORD to log in" stats1.csv
fr stats1.csv "680" "account used to log in" stats.csv

This was last published in February 2002

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Great security script. Thank you.
That's a very nice example of creativity. Good old command line tools sometimes still beat fancy UI's!
Nice. How often we forget the command line tools.