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Adding AutoPlay options in XP

You can assign XP to open/run programs in the AutoPlay tab, but there isn't an easy way to add/change - enter XP PowerToys.

You can assign XP to open or run programs based on your choice in the new AutoPlay tab in drive properties. But there isn't an easy way to add or change your choices -- enter XP PowerToys.


  1. Download Microsoft's PowerToys for XP and install.
  2. Run TweakUI. Choose My Computer from the list.
  3. Click the + on AutoPlay, then select Handlers.

From here, you can add your own selections or edit existing selections at will. For example, you may want to run a CD player you purchased when you insert a music disk.

When finished, close TweakUI, right click on your drive, click on the AutoPlay tab and you will see your entry.

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