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Are you getting a 'file not found' error for a shared network file?

How one IT pro figured out what was causing a user's file not found error and how she fixed it.

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Shortly after migrating workstations from NT to Windows 2000 Professional, I had a user call who was receiving a file not found error for a shared network file. I checked the server and the file was online and available, and other users could access it via the network.

The user, who could access the file the day before, was now receiving a file not found error and wasn't even able to browse to the file.

After doing some investigation, I discovered that this was due to our network security. Somehow the user had been removed from the group that was allowed access to this particular file on the server. I added the user back to the correct NT group, requested that the user log out and back in to add the new group permissions, and he was then able to access the file.

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