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Block Internet Explorer Web surfing via Group Policy

Learn how to block a user's ability to surf the Web using Microsoft Group Policy.

Have you ever want to block a user's ability to surf the Web using Internet Explorer? Here's how you can do th...


Use a Group Policy Object (GPO) that forces Internet Explorer to use a proxy server with an address of for port 80 requests. Then create another policy that states a user is not able to change the proxy server address in Internet Explorer. Both policies are applied to the user and not the computer. These settings tell Internet Explorer to call over to the non-existent proxy server for all internet requests. When the non-existent server does not respond, Web surfing is stopped.

The policy settings are located in the following locations in the GPO:

User Settings --> Windows Settings --> Internet Explorer Maintenance --> Connection
Then open the Proxy Settings window and add for port 80.

User Settings --> Administrative Templates --> Windows Components --> Internet Explorer
Then set Disable Changing Proxy Settings.

Good luck -- and backup before you try this!

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