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Change your installation folder location

How to change it without trouble.

For security or other reasons, administrators may change the Windows 2000 target installation folder name or location. This can cause a problem when configuring a new system or doing a reinstallation because the Windows 2000 installation procedure doesn't allow the administrator to change the name of the installation folder. Windows storage administrators most commonly find this a problem when reformatting the boot partition or after a system/boot drive failure.

Microsoft advises that there are several ways around this problem. The most straightforward is to use the unattended installation option and set the appropriate path in the answer file. With an unattended installation the installation folder can be defined using the "TargetPath =" parameter. If you use this method from the installation CD-ROM you need to create a small file with a text editor containing the appropriate parameters.

Another possibility is to create a dummy target installation folder before installation. By using the Windows Recovery Console you can create and format a new system/boot partition and then create an installation folder. When Windows Setup encounters the folder during text-mode setup it will prompt you to accept the existing folder by pressing ESC or to use the default. Press ESC and then change the folder name.

Microsoft details these procedures in this KnowledgeBase article.

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