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Configure network and dial-up connections without logging off the current user

User Ryan Okumura tells how to modify a user's network and dial-up connections without having to log them off first.

There are a few tasks in Windows 2000 for which administrators still find the need to log off the user and log on with administrative privileges. Modifying the properties of network and dial-up connections is one such task.

I have found a way to get around this by using Internet Explorer 5.x and the Run as option:

  1. Using the Internet Explorer shortcut in the Quick Launch toolbar hold the SHIFT key, right click the shortcut, and click Run as.

  2. Enter your administrative account credentials and click OK.

  3. After Internet Explorer starts select View, Explorer Bar, then Folders.

  4. Now you can expand the Control Panel and open the Network and Dial-up Connections.

  5. You are now viewing this in the context of an administrator of the computer and are allowed to configure the properties of each connection.

Note: If you try to log on with the local Administrator account, which does not have a Home drive and path configured by default, or an account that does not have a Home drive defined you may receive an error: "The directory name is invalid." This is due to the default Start in path on the shortcut: %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%. To resolve this you can remove the Start in path on the shortcut.

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