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Create ODBCs from a command line

Create ODBCs from a command line

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Microsoft Data Access Components installed with Windows come with a utility called odbcconf.exe. This utility can be used to create Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) from a command line, script file, VB, etc.

odbcconf configsysdsn "SQL Server" "DSN=test1|SERVER=(local)"
Syntax broken down

Utility name:

Type of ODBC (DSN:
Configsysdsn = for system odbc (DSN)
Configdsn = for user odbc (DSN)

Driver name -- Open the ODBC Data Source Administrator -> Drivers tab to get other driver name for your various DB sources:
"SQL Server" = For SQL server

ODBC (DSN) attributes, such as name, server to connect to:
"DSN=test1|SERVER=(local)" = Will create an ODBC called test1 and connect to a local server

At a command prompt, type: odbcconf /?
This will give you a listing of the remaining syntax for this utility.

I've determined from my research that you can't input a password, only a username, into an ODBC using these methods.

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