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Create a "You_Are_Rejected" mailbox

Create a "You_Are_Rejected" mailbox in recipients with this user tip.

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From an administrator account, create a mailbox named "You_Are_Rejected" or something to that effect. Click the "Protocols" tab and select "Minimum Protocol Usage." Then, go to "Delivery Options" and give send permissions to the "You_Are_Rejected" mailbox and select "Enable None" for your alternate.

From the "Delivery Restrictions" tab, select "Accept All and Reject None." Insert the spammer's e-mail address (alias@domainname,) as an SMTP. For every Exchange user to whom you want this new mailbox to apply, go to "Properties > Delivery Restrictions." Configure the mailbox to reject messages from the "You_Are_Rejected" mail box. Your e-mail box will now reject any SMTP addresses listed in the "You_Are_Rejected" mailbox.

You can also select an automated response that gets sent to each spammer every time they send you an e-mail once they're added to the list.

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