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Fix a login screen stuck in a loop

If your login screen is stuck in a loop, and you cannot log in to Windows 2000, dust off your old Windows 9x disk.

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Things may seem grim if if your login screen is stuck in a loop. That is to say that the login prompt keeps reappearing and you cannot log in to Windows 2000. Don't start thinking about rebuilding the machine -- dust off your old Windows 9x disk.

  1. Boot the computer from the Windows 2000 CD.

  2. Select the 'Repair' option.

  3. Select 'Recovery Console'.

  4. Log in as the administrator.

  5. From the Recovery Console, type: 'FIXMBR'.

  6. Remove the Windows 2000 CD from the CD drive and reboot the computer from a Windows 9x boot diskette.

  7. At the command line, run 'FDISK /MBR'.

  8. Remove the Windows 9x boot diskette and reboot the computer to Windows 2000.
The login process should now be successful.
This was last published in January 2003

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