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How do I properly configure WSUS?

An improperly configured WSUS can lead to some quirky security issues. In this question in our ITKnowledge Exchange, a user is seeing multiple instances of the same computer on his WSUS lists. See how other readers have responded to this user's problem or propose your own solution in the ITKE forum.

This question was posed on our IT Knowledge Exchange.

I am new to the Windows Server Update Services, WSUS. I installed and configured the update server and everything seemed to be working. I added some settings in my Group Policy and applied the GPO to an OU and went on my way. The clients started to appear in the list of workstations on the WSUS server, so I assumed everything was working. When I began to organize the computers into groups, however, I noticed that there are now multiple instances of a computer listed. For example, under "Public" I have P1.server.local listed, but I also have three more instances of the same computer listed in the Unassigned Computers list. What is the problem here?
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