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IE6 vulnerability included in Patch Tuesday update

Check out this month's security updates in the monthly Patch Tuesday announcements by Microsoft.

This month's Patch Tuesday summary from Microsoft addressed a relatively small set of vulnerabilities, the most notable of which is an Internet Explorer 6 security update. It's interesting (and a bit heartening) to notice that none of the vulnerabilities listed affected Windows Vista.

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One item that didn't make it to this month's list, but which has definitely attracted the attention of Microsoft's security team, is a zero-day vulnerability in Microsoft Word. All versions from 2000 through 2003, including the standalone Word Viewer, are affected -- but Word 2007 is not. The vulnerability seems to involve a code exploit delivered through a malicious Word document, so it would require that you download and open a document for it to take hold. Microsoft classifies it as being " very limited" in nature.

Here's a breakdown of what's in Microsoft's December 2006 security bulletin.

Critical vulnerabilities:

Important vulnerabilities:

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