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Labeling your computer: Add a "welcome" message to your logon screen

Member Giovanni Davila shows a trick for customizing your Windows login screen with a label/phrase of your choice.

Add a "WELCOME" message to the logon screen. Others call this "labeling your computer".

  1. Launch the Registry Editor (regedt32.exe or regedit.exe).


  3. Double-click on SOFTWARE and then MICROSOFT.

  4. Double-click on "Windows NT".

  5. Double-click on "Current Version".

  6. Double-click on "Winlogon".

  7. Select Edit->Add Value.

  8. Type in the Value name: Welcome

  9. Leave the default date type (REG_SZ) and click on OK.

  10. Type in the string box any message you want to appear when CTRL+ALT+DEL is pressed on the keyboard. Example: Giovanni's laptop. Authorized Users Only.

This was last published in June 2001

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