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Learn Euro P's and Q's

Learn Euro P's and Q's

Learn Euro P's and Q's
David Gabel

It's tempting to think, isolated between two oceans, that nothing going on in Europe will have an impact. This is, of course, a temptation that will lead to trouble in short order. If you're doing business with Europe, you need to deal with the Euro. Are your hardware and software ready?

Well, if you're running Windows, then whether you're ready or not will depend on which version of Windows you're running. All the flavors of Windows 2000 support Euro conventions. By contrast, Windows 95, and there may be a lot of corporate desktops still running Windows 95, does not. But you can fix that with a download from Microsoft.

What you need to support the Euro is to be able to show in the screen, and to print, the Euro symbol. Late versions of Windows have the symbol in the character map: click ALT-0128, and you get it. Older versions need to get the font support. But if you're doing business in Europe, your stateside desktop machines will likely need to be able to create the Euro symbol.

There's a page on the Microsoft website that discusses the Euro in astonishing detail. From there you can link to the appropriate downloads to bring your machines up to snuff. There is also a comprehensive chart there that shows the degree of compatibility for a host of Microsoft products, operating systems and productivity software alike.

David Gabel is's executive technology editor.

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