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Medical tool a lifesaver for jammed floppies

Learn about an unlikely yet handy tool for recovering jammed floppy disks.

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I'll preface this tip by saying it may not be incredibly relevant to Win2k, but I think it will prove of some use to my fellow users. If you're like me, you occasionally find yourself having to pull what's left of a floppy disk out of a PC. You must agree, it can be an enormous headache and is also potentially damaging to your hardware if you go about it the wrong way.

My recommendation is to get friendly with a member of the medical profession and procure yourself what is known as a hemostat. This instrument is used as a medical clamp -- and is also perfect for gripping and teasing out bits of demolished floppy disks. I discovered this by mistake when sorting out a nurse's machine. I know this tip carries some merit, because we're married now.

Happy administrating, and may you have similar luck with matrimony and troublesome floppy removals.

This was last published in December 2002

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