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Office 2000 fix for Windows 2000 and Active Directory

How the Office Resource Kit and Custom Installation Wizard saved one IT pro some migration heartache.

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We recently converted from Windows 98 and Novell 5.1 to a full Windows 2000-based network with Active Directory. One of our biggest problems was that our domain users could not open Outlook without having administrative privileges.

I searched high and low until I came across the Office Resource Kit, or more importantly, the Custom Installation Wizard. Once I created an MST file with all my customized options for Microsoft Office and deployed the entire package via Group Policy Software Installation, the issue disappeared.

The Office 2000 Resource Kit and Group Policy are possibly the best kept secret for deployment on Windows 2000 and are readily available by doing a quick search on Microsoft's Web site. There are also several white papers on setting up and automating the deployment.

I wish someone had posted about this earlier and saved me the few weeks on head banging frustration. It was a lesson well learned.

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