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Quickly find that buried command line executable

Ever needed to run a file from a command line but it was buried folders deep? Here's a fast and easy way to do this.

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Have you ever needed to run an executable file from a command line but it was buried many folders deep? And what if you want to run it with a switch after it? Not very fast or practical, right? You would have to type in the full path to get to the file if using the Start –> Run function before you could even start the file you wanted.

Try this instead:

  1. Open Windows Explorer and find the file that you need to run.

  2. Open Start -> Run and delete the last entry displayed, so it is an empty field.

  3. Left click and drag-and-drop the file from the Explorer pane into the Run field.

The entire path is displayed automatically and you have the option of running it with switches.

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