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Quickly resolve unknown Event IDs

Quickly resolve unknown Event IDs

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In a previous tip I submitted, I indicated that you can use to quickly resolve your Event IDs. Site members submit and share their experiences with the Event IDs they resolve; plus the site allows non members to search through the posts by both the Event ID number and source.

Microsoft also has a site dedicated to helping you find resolution to your Event IDs. It is located at

The site allows you to search for Event IDs for the following products:

  1. Windows Server 2003
  2. Windows XP Pro
  3. Windows 2000 Server
  4. Biztalk Server 2004
  5. Exchange 2000 Server
  6. SQL Server 2000 Notification Services

Other, non-Event ID specific sites that I find helpful are:

  1. -- use their search across the top and search all sites (ex: Event ID 7240)
  2. -- use the KB search (ex: Event ID 7024)

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